Welcome to my site

Paul Salmon[1]

Welcome to my site.

Foremost my work is that of a Spiritualist Medium.

My journey as a Spiritualist Medium began at the age of 30! Following a lifetime of unusual and unexplainable (at the time!) experiences, from the age of five.

Since then, I have gone on to learn Tarot Card readings, Rune Readings, Pyschometry Readings and enjoy meditating with the Earth Energies.

In the past I’ve been the President of The Beeches Spiritualist Church in Ipswich for one year, a Publisher & Editor for The Eternal Spirit Magazine featuring household names such as Colin Fry, Toyah Willcox and Derek Acorah and a vast array of media!

TV Presenter on the Eternal Spirit Show and interviewing over 65 guests including the likes of world renowned mediums such as Colin Fry and Tony Stockwell on my Eternal Spirit Radio Show.

I still present The Eternal Spirit Show, it has a dedicated following on its very own YouTube Channel.

In 2016 I launched ‘Out & About’ with Paul Salmon Spiritualist Medium, where I go filming at historical places of interest in Ipswich, Suffolk and throughout East Anglia and there I carry out Tarot readings, Rune readings and work with the spirits to give the past a voice.

In my spare time I enjoy a variety of things: going out on Paranormal Investigations, landscape photography, Morris Dancing, writing poetry and I am progressing through a variety of martial arts!

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