Sally Morgan & Springing into ‘Out & About’ with Paul Salmon

Not much to say at the start of February other than I am happy to announce that I passed the test and joined Sally Morgans Psychic Team. I know its not a huge thing to some but I feel proud to have passed a rigorous test to be approved excellent enough to be part of her team.

Sally Morgan Psychic phone line - Paul Salmon Spiritualist Medium
It wont detract from the work I will continue to do Face to Face but it allows me to reach more people, so I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of it.

I am looking forward to the coming weeks as Sarah and I will be once again braving the Winter/Early Spring weathers and getting ‘Out & About’ With Paul Salmon up and running again.

If you have yet to see some of the videos we have already shot or know much about it click here: About ‘Out & About’ or ‘Out & About’ Live Readings Videos

anyway must dash, Tilly needs her dog walk, I’ll be bringing you another blog post in a few days. – Paul