Harbour Radio & Admiral Nelson!

Monday of this week saw myself and Sarah head towards Gt. Yarmouth at the invitation of Brian James for him to interview me for a couple of hours on Harbour Radio.

Brian asked me about my work as a medium and my guides let me know they were with me too. At one moment in the show I felt quite dizzy yet I knew I was taking on the symptoms of someone who gently fell asleep and moved on to the spirit world.

I gave Brian the name of Fox and he told me his best friend a long time ago was called Fox and he passed away in his sleep while sat a chair. I was chuffed to bits to receive so many questions from listeners sent in by emails.

Sarah also joined in the radio programme at one point which was nice. After the show Sarah and I had our photos taken with Brian and his wife Cal and members of the studio. We all got on so well that Brian and Cal invited Sarah and I to their home which is over 200 years old and asked if we would like to record an investigation.

The day after this I was invited to serve Gt. Yarmouth Spiritualist Church so a return visit later this month and the day after that I’m in Dereham serving their church. This week ended with Psychic World being posted through my letterbox with my regular column ‘Out and About with Spiritualist Medium Paul Salmon’.

I mention this because for the first time in it’s history last months issue wasn’t produced because Candy the editor and publisher had been ill so it’s great to have the paper back on track and even greater news that Candy back on her feet.

We also took some time to do a mini ‘Out & About’ with Paul Salmon Spiritualist Medium….. take a look via the Out & About section on the Eternal Spirit Show website: Click Here