Maggie Hahn & happy coincidences?

I had been Facebook friends with Maggie Hahn for a few years, we texted each other now and again and chatted on Skype once. Maggie is the Grandaughter of the well known Medium Helen Duncan. (I’ll not explain who Helen Duncan is, you should know that if you are involved in Spiritualism and if not go look her up on Google) I didn’t manage to see Maggie in person a couple of years ago when she visited Yorkshire and Scotland and besides she was working so I may have had a quick hello and goodbye with her. To my surprise and out of the blue I learned that she was staying with Leo Bonomo.

IMG-20170220-WA0001Leo and I go back a few years. I’ve appeared on Leo’s radio show and he has been a guest a couple of times on The Eternal Spirit Show.

Funny how things turn out, the day I found out that Maggie was staying with Leo I happened to be on Leo’s radio show that very evening. Next thing you know a few days later I find myself spending the day with Leo and Maggie.

It wasn’t that I wanted to interview Maggie but just to meet her. In fact I ended up staying with Maggie and Leo for the whole day and meeting Caroline a Great Grandaughter of Helen’s too. Years before I became involved in Spiritualism I met a man who loaned me a book, my first book I read about Spiritualism and it was about Helen Duncan.