How it began

My journey into Spiritualist Mediumship began when I was five.

IMGA0076Laying in bed one evening I realised one day this life would be all over and that I would surely die. I called out to my parents and told them that I was afraid.

Since then up until the age of 30, I’ve had a fear of dying and this fear would manifest itself in my sleep state.

Every few months for years and years I would find myself awake in the middle of my bedroom or find myself out on the landing covered in sweat, gasping for breath, my head all fuzzy and afraid that I was going to die.

But what on earth was going on in my sleep state?

My dad passed away in 1991 and it was shortly after that, that I experienced what I can only describe as, an Angelic experience.
I was in the kitchen washing up when all of a sudden the kitchen lit up in an orange glow, I felt so much love and peace in my heart and a voice told me ‘Everything will be alright’.

A few months later a friend asked me to come along to a Spiritualist church that he attends. I didn’t think anything of it – nothing ventured nothing gained.

The medium that evening gave me a message that was to change my life. She gave me evidence of my dad and best friend who had only just passed into the world of Spirit. This was a revelation. I now knew there is no such thing as death and that we live on after this physical existence.

I had to know more, so I begun to read the books available in the church library along with meditation CDs and even made a nuisance of myself in the mediums room by asking questions to the mediums that would appear at church, much to the annoyance of the President!
Over and over again, the visiting mediums would tell me that I would be up on platform one day giving readings as a medium.

I found myself in a development circle and after a while with my family moved from Essex to Suffolk.
It was on my second visit to one particular church in Ipswich that one of the elders of the church asked me to chair church meetings. ‘But you don’t even know me’? I told the lady. ‘Oh yes I do’ she said!


I became President of The Beeches Spiritualist Church in Ipswich for one year and left to devote time to my young family.

I sat in circle for quite a few years until I felt I was ready to work as a medium.

I now work as a medium and have no more sleepless nights!