Guiding Spirits Home

If you are experiencing paranormal activities in your home, then you are probably hosting one or more spirits that are making their presence known to you.  Be it a house in Ipswich, Suffolk or across East Anglia, Paul Salmon Spiritualist Medium is here to help.

Spirit Release Now and again some people do not realise that they have passed over and need some help moving on to the spirit world. At times there are those who refuse to move on and stay around their loved ones or their previous homes. This makes it uncomfortable for those living in their homes due to their presence. At times like this I am called upon to make a link with my guides and Angels to help these earthbound spirits go on to their new home in the world of spirit.

Much of the time, spirits try to get your attention in the hope that you can help them crossover into the Light.  A darker entity may try to frighten and anger you, to develop the kind of negative environment that they thrive on. 

There are several reasons to help spirits move on from the earth plane, even if they seem benign. Most of the spirits you may encounter are confused, and don’t know how to move on. They are relying on somebody to help them.

That somebody is Paul Salmon Spiritualist Medium.

trees#3“I first met Paul when he gave an demonstration of mediumship in Long Melford, Suffolk one evening.

My Daughter believed she had the spirit of two children who kept visiting her home.  We were aware that it was two children at her home as we were informed about the spirit of the two children running around other homes in the area, including our neighbours.

At my Daughters home there would be noises and items knocked over, along with the sound of giggling.  This became very unnerving for my daughter along with the rest of us. After watching Paul that evening I asked him if he could pay a visit to my daughters home and help to get them to leave.

On his visit, Paul came into my Daughter’s home and said some prayers, linked into the spirit world and he then felt their prescence.  I’m not sure exactly what he did but he had a conversation with them and with the help of the Angels asked them to leave.

Paul said they went ‘Into the light’ very easily and that it was the quickest any spirit had left in the time he had been doing rescue work.  My Daughter feels so much more at ease in her home now along with the rest of the family.  The atmosphere has completely changed for the better and we can all relax.  Thank you Paul.”

trees“I live with my partner in Essex and I came across Paul Salmon when reading ‘Mystic in the Spotlight’ in Spirit & Destiny magazine. I decided to give  him a call and asked if he could visit us as we felt a nasty presence in our home which we had felt for some time.

I explained to Paul that the spirit would roam around our home and we could even feel it brushing past us. It was frightening and intimidating.  Paul visited us as soon as he could and it was a relief just knowing that someone was willing to help us.

We accompanied Paul as he walked around the rooms of our home to get a feel for the presence that was haunting us.  Paul explained a little about what he was about to do so we would have an understanding of what was about to take place and Paul then spoke aloud to the sinister spirit whom we felt in our home.

Paul explained that it was the spirit of a man who was quite alarming and was out to make a nuisance of himself.  Paul told me the spirit was conversing with him and wasn’t pleasant at all.  Even though Paul told us the process of what was taking place, I didn’t really understand how it worked but, it’s sufficient for me to say that after Paul said a prayer and spoke to the spirit he then asked a couple of Angels to help escort the spirit back to the spirit world and to be dealt with in the appropriate way.

My partner and I can now live in our home and live our lives the way we should be allowed to in peace and harmony and can begin to put fun back into our lives.

Thank you Paul.”

Things would be moved around my home and one day I felt that I had been punched in the stomach, the force of the punch pushed me half way across my room.  I had my three children living with me and I was terrified for them aswell as for myself.

Paul was recommended to me by a friend and I was happy for him to come into my home and to see how he could help us.  Upon his visit, Paul told me that he was going to link into whom it was in my home and we said the Lord’s Prayer together.  Paul said that he could see the presence of an old man and described him to me.

Paul told me that the man wasn’t happy with me being in his home.  Paul told the man that it wasn’t his home any longer and that the time had come for him to leave my children and I in peace. Paul explained that it was time for him to go to his new home in the spirit world where he now should be and his  family were waiting to welcome him. Paul asked him to step into the light and that is simply what happened.

Sometime later, I did a little research and found that the description Paul had given me fitted the description of the man that had lived here a couple of generations ago.

We can now live in my home the way I want to and peacefully get on with my life.

Many Thanks Paul.”