My Investigation Diary

Paranormal Investigations Suffolk - Paul Salmon Spiritualist MediumPotsford Wood, Wickham Market, Suffolk

John accompanied me to the wood and already I felt so drained. I didn’t know what to expect but in the wood walking along a footpath I heard the word ‘Murder’.

A few paces along I heard the word ‘Axe’. So obviously I knew what the murder weapon was. I saw two men hanging on a beam in my minds eye and they were the murder victims. I was taken to a gibbet where the murderer was hanged. I could sense from which direction people brought the murderer. I said to John ‘

They dragged him this way’. He replied ‘That’s why they call it Drag Arse Hill’. I could hardly hear a name but it sounded like Bell. In fact the name of the murderer wasn’t far off. His name was Jonah Snell and he was hung in 1699 for the murder of John Bullard and his son at Letheringham Mill.

Paranormal Investigations Suffolk - Paul Salmon Spiritualist MediumThe Castle Inn, Framlingham

I described the scene in the second world war of men in the army propped up at the bar and in the forefront of the scene was a Sergeant from the USA army.

The Landlord told me he has a photo of the scene I described. It was while the cameras were switched off that I was speaking with John at the bar when a white shaft of light flowed past me. I sensed it was the energy or ghost of a woman. John asked where it went and I told him through the door and it just stood there. Once again the Landlord told me he has a photo handed down to him from the previous owners of the woman who used to run the inn in the place at the door.

Landguard Fort, Felixstowe, Suffolk

Landguard Fort was designed to guard the entrance to Harwich. In one of the wash rooms outside of the main building I sensed a fight with men dressed in uniform.

It was a fight that got out of hand. John told me I was describing a fight that was documented between an reenactors group. As I entered a corridor I sensed a hanging and took John to the place I believed it to have happned. It was the place where a young man took his own life. I could sense the live stock runnning free around the grounds and the arrogance of Sergeant barking out orders and where executions took place.

Paranormal Investigations Suffolk - Paul Salmon Spiritualist MediumLeiston Abbey, Suffolk

I was made aware of a one armed cook. For me the most interesting thing was when we had just finished filming and were walking back to the cars.

I walked beside another presenter Sarah for that particular film and behind our legs we both saw a black shape. It went so fast and disappeared into a ruin of a wall. It looked like a black ball leaving a speeding trail.

John joked that it may be Black Shuck, the ghost of a dog which is said to roam the coastline and countryside of East Anglia. Mention of Black Shuck has recently made the headlines of the national papers when the remains of a dog was dug up at Leiston Abbey!

The Ancient House, Ipswich Town Center

On the way to Lakeland I sensed a woman burning at a stake. While standing on the stairs in the shop I heard voices telling me of a man who was evil and a fake and I sensed a man who judged people unfairly.

John told me I was describing Matthew Hopkins the Witchfinder General who sentenced innocent people to death. He had sentenced a woman who was burned at the stake not far from the shop. As I got to the top of another flight of stairs I could see a ghost of a man roaming around the shop. When I see ghosts they are in the shape of mini whirlwinds. Black whirlwinds for men and white for women.

IMGA0402Rendlesham Forest

I was invited to take part in an paranormal investigation with Felixstowe ParanormalĀ Investigations at Rendlesham Forest.
The members of the group included a medium and investigators using electronic equipment and sound devices for detecting change in atmosphere and for receiving voices from the spirit world.
I have never until this point been on an investigation with technical kit such as that. It was certainly interesting to not only see them all using the kit but also to experience it first hand.

I was hoping to take photos of orbs but as it began raining that put an end to that.

What did happen while walking down one path of the wood, was that all of a sudden, without me opening my connection to the spirit world, I was picking up information on members of the group. I picked up on the goings on of relationships, the personalities of certain members and even names of individuals friends and families.

I look forward to returning to Rendlesham Forest, to see if my faculties would automatically open up once again and to see what further information I would pick up.