My Media Work

Over the years I have been involved in a variety of media work, both as the interviewee and interviewer.

I thoroughly enjoy meeting fascinating people and interviewing them on a range of subjects based around spirituality, mediumship and all things eternal!

Please scroll down and take a look at my galleries and lists of guests, you might be surprised who’s been on my shows.

mediawork#1TV Presenter I have my own internet TV show! The show was initially filmed and recorded by Felixstowe TV and titled The Eternal Spirit Show. The show is due to re launch on its own Eternal Spirit Show YouTube Channel and will be produced and edited by GlassBox Media CIC. The TV setting gives me a wonderful setting in which to interview those involved in the world of mind, body and spirit. Guests have also included household names in the world of mediumship such as Colin Fry and Tony Stockwell.

To see a gallery of all my guests and a full list of who I’ve interviewed Click here


175199_202346349779244_3171947_oRadio Presenter Previous to having my own TV show I presented The Eternal Spirit Radio Show in Ipswich on a weekly basis for three years. Guests included well known mediums Colin Fry, Tony Stockwell, TJ Higgs, Gordon Smith.

To see a gallery of all my guests and a full list of who I’ve interviewed Click here


leiston#1Paranormal Investigator At times I am asked to take part as guest Spiritualist Medium on a paranormal investigation. The most common thing people are looking for is ghosts.

Ghosts are the energy of people left behind which have no personality and where contact cannot be made unlike a visitation from a person from the world of spirit.

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