My Orb Photgraphy

What is my Orb Photography?

I hadn’t been one for reading about orbs I just wasn’t interested. For me I was a medium and I wanted to concentrate on that and become better at my ability.

So, I hope you enjoy my story on how Orbs have come into my life and the gallery at the bottom of the page which is a collection of a few of my favorites.

My Orb photography talk and slide show

My orb talk with a slide show lasts approximately one hour. All of the photos featured during the talk are ones that I have captured on film.
Not only does the audience get to hear and see my personal journey with the spirits through my photos, I also explain the science behind an orb, shed light on the myths surrounding orbs and actively encourage audience participation by taking questions from people during and after my presentation.

If you would like to know more about these balls of light, you can book me for an evening of presentations and explanations on Orbs, visit my contact page to get in touch.

My Life With Orbs

IMGA0682One evening however I was sitting indoors watching television when for some reason I caught myself remembering how I sat with my dad on his garden bench around twenty years ago just before he passed to the spirit world.

I thought that if my dad is around the place I’d find him would be at my garden bench. It was dark but I took my camera up to the garden and photographed the garden bench and to my surprise there next to the bench was an orb.

I began taking photos of my garden bench night after night and there in my photos were orbs sat on my bench.

I took my camera with me everywhere I went and after having initial doubts I began to realise that these orbs were indeed the energies, thoughts and personalities of my loved ones and spirit guides coming to visit me and make themselves known.

IMGA0421Orbs do not appear in every photo I take but do appear in every session when I take photos.

So, do I believe that these orbs are our loved ones coming to say hello to us? Most certainly.

I now travel the country giving talks with a slide show of my orb and spirit photography.

One of the definitions in my dictionary of an orb is ‘One of the heavenly bodies’. How apt!