My Spiritual Abilities

IMGA0043As a Medium I receive messages from the spirit world in various ways with the ability of being:

Clairvoyant which means Clear Seeing. I am able to see people from the world of spirit in my minds eye. At times I do see those from spirit as clear as I would be looking at any other person on earth.

Clairaudient which means Clear Hearing. The voice I hear is my own speaking the words from the spirit world.

Clairsentinent which means Clear Feeling. Sometimes the person from the spirit world wishes to let me know the ailment they passed with. For instance if they passed with a heart attack I feel movement in my heart. The same will go for any other complaint that they passed with. Sometimes I can feel injuries or ailments of those in the audience or those sitting with me.

198799_548111581869384_626020485_nClaircognizant or Clear Knowing.  At times I can pass on a message to someone with me, not by hearing a voice from spirit nor by seeing them but by just instantly knowing what the message is that they wish to be passed on.

Spirit Release Now and again some people do not realise that they have passed over and need some help moving on to the spirit world. To read more on how I can assist with this, click here: Guiding Spirits Home

Tarot I am able to give Tarot card readings to help give advice and guidance in one’s life.

Psychometry This is the ability to read any given object and tell some of it’s history and even to describe the owner of an object. It can also help in making a link with the past owner in the spirit world.