My Poetry


Oh My Lord
I know you’re Word
But it’s like
I haven’t heard

I have sinned
And I’m not able
Not good enough
To sit at your table

How can I be justified
The things I’ve done
The way I lied

I have sinned

My heart tells me so
You think I’m good
But I say no

Yet you love me
And that I realise

How can it be
You don’t despise

Yet my sin
It was in love
Forgive me lord
From up above


twig-575467_1280Father God I don’t understand

How you gave me this life and made me a man

You gave me this life for me to grow

And all I ask is your love to show

I have lessons to learn and things to do

And spread the word of love from you

The people won’t listen they shall despise thee
And in the end they’ll crucify me

There will be many tough times and hardships too
I have my faith I shall come through

A test man has of life to grasp
But will they learn before they pass?

I teach about life yet they say I will die
They even accuse me of telling lies

And in the end when it comes to pass
This lesson to learn is easy to grasp

And as I die upon the cross
Was it all worth it, was the lesson lost?

This body they took down and in the end
I forgave them Father, lesson over Amen


twig-575467_1280I try to reach you and aim to converse

But the harder I try I just make it worse

I sit and meditate and close my eyes
Again I fail and I don’t get the prize

I try very hard to hear your voice
But I won’t give in I don’t have that choice

A touch of your hand to feel your embrace
The smell of your scent and to behold your face

I can’t let you go I want you so bad
The pain and the hurt I feel so sad

But the years come and go and I suffer so much
I have strength in the Lord he is my crutch

I make it worse as if I’m on the attack
And it does us no good as it’s holding you back

I won’t give up but I have to let you go
if you’re alright then please let me know

I love you my darling now your free as a bird
Was that your voice that I just heard?

Thank you my love, thank you and God bless
After all this time we both may rest

I know your alright and in Gods arms
I know you made it and in no more harm

I feel so much better my life is complete
For I know in my heart again we shall meet


twig-575467_1280It’s not that we’re ashamed of you It’s not the path we hoped you’d choose

It’s not the way we’d work or live But our support we surely give

It’s not easy when you have to chose Some you win and some you lose

There are burdens which you bear Speak to us, you know we care

Time are hard it has been tough Goodness knows you’ve had it rough

Which way to go you hadn’t a clue You used your head and thought you knew

Now think again, another fresh start Always have faith and go with your heart


twig-575467_1280I stood before you big and strong I could be gentle don’t get me wrong

I was born to be a king To end in death for one to bring

Before you I stood a tower of strength You brought me down at any length

I was born and lived on high Man had his way I had to die

I was maimed a roar rang out The effect I had a massive shout

A king I am a king I be A king I died for all to see

No longer in my glorious land To think I’m killed by one man’s hand

No longer in that place I’d roam Not even safe in my own home

I lived a life of significance Man ended it in belligerance

No longer in that place I stood I lay at his feet because he could

With my life and dignity Man took my world and liberty

Show no remorse and be not sad Do not show anger do not be mad

A king I am in Heaven above I left a legacy that is called love