My Team

Over the years I have worked with some incredibly talented people on such a variety of projects. My wife is my rock and has supported me with my life choices over the years and without her and my family its unlikely that I would’ve found myself here, working as a Spiritualist Medium.

The only thing I haven’t had all this time is a manager and publicist, now I have!

My Manager – Sarah Jones

10277581_807435339286212_1508968742723041613_nSarah from GlassBox Media CIC, is not only now my manager but also a comrade on Paranormal Investigations!

Sarah knew for a while I had been looking for a manager and approached me, basically said “Paul we are a good fit with work, shall I manage you?”

Since then, Sarah has gone on to transform my online presence with this website and has a close eye on my social media channels.

Sarah has a mixed background, having grown up in the Scouting Movement and working in both the hospitality & catering sector and Recruitment, her customer service and ability to relate and meet peoples requirements is superb.

She then went onto work with Young People and through her youth work she has traveled to several countries working in partnership with the youth organsisations in the country.

She ‘fell into media’ as she describes it, when she found herself out of work. Not one to sit still, she looked for voluntary work. She ended up volunteering (at first!) at Felixstowe Radio just as it was starting up, where she went on to manage their marketing, publicity and social media and alongside that, working for Archant in advertising sales.

From there she went to Felixstowe TV as the Assistant Manager, dealing with the running of the place, publicity, presenting a live show and much more. With Mike, she went on to turn it from simply an events coverage online channel to a diverse set of programmes with everything from my show The Eternal Spirit Show to Nature Documentaries and Paranormal Investigations and if that wasn’t enough she was also working for The Flyer Group in advertising!

After two years with Felixstowe TV and the advertising sector, she went on to set up not only her own company GlassBox Media CIC but also a charity!

It wasn’t just me who she met at Felixstowe TV, it was there that she also met my Publicist Stephanie! Small world eh!

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My Publicist – Stephanie Mackentyre

Stephanie from In View Publicity, is the wonderful lady behind the creation of my book.

Stephanie has been running In View Publicity and Marketing for 14 years. She  has excellent communication skills and her strength lies in building firm relationships with people. She has a proven track record in printed media and radio as well as running her own PR business. She is organised, motivated and able to work to strict deadlines to achieve profitable results for your organisation.

Her Specialties and Skills Include:
Social networking including: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Networking on line profile building, traditional PR & Marketing, newspaper, presentation skills, press releases, publicity, event organisation. Creative Writing, Public Relations, Publicity, Social Media, Social Networking, Press Release Creation, Website Development, Blog Management, Blog Marketing.

So, she certainly knows her stuff and has been an amazing support through the writing of my biography, about my journey into the life of being a spiritualist medium!

For more on Stephanie, click the links: Company Website LinkedIn Page